Roly is so happy to see you !!!!


We are David & Teresa Westwood based in Nottinghamshire, England.   We have owned Bull Terriers for the last 16 years although David did have his first one some 30 years ago.

Our first Bull Terrier together was Co Co Loco - Tasha (brindle & white) who sadly we lost in October 2009 at nearly 12 years old.  Then came Thomas (Marshelsea Tom Collins) still going strong at 13.  We had fun showing Thomas both at Open and Championship shows for about 3 years picking up lots of wins along the way including the Warburton Trophy.

Then came Molly (Tulsadoom from Temerance).  She was from a mating between Tasha and Marshelsea Hellraiser.  Eventually we mated Molly to Cwmdulais Flash Harry and got Silver Sarissa (Maisie).  Maisie was a champion at the age of 13 months, won the Regent Trophy, Ormandy Jug for Bitches and went Best of Breed at Crufts.  She is now retired and lives in a lovely pet home in Brighton.

Maisie was mated 3 times.  Firstly back to her grandad - Hellraiser, had one female puppy who is Jaz (Umbhumbluzo).  Second mating was to Marshelsea Devil May Cry - this litter produced Roly (Isakabuli) and finally she was mated to Barracuda which produced Wally (Chiyonofuji).

Our next two breedings have been with Jaz.  The first was a half brother half sister mating with Roly.  Only 1 puppy - a boy - Tulsadoom Get Em in at D Bar (Horace).  The next was with a Roly son Ch. Emred Huntsman.  This litter produced Ch. Tulsadoom Abi Albon (Archie).

Hope you enjoy the site and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supplied photos and videos who without this site would not have been possible as I am useless with the camera :-)

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